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*For Advertisements & Announcements, please contact AATK Webmaster (aatk@aatk.org).

**For Sponsorship & Contribution, please contact AATK Executive Secretary and/or President.


Category Sub-category Current Sponsors Amount Amount Note
Advertisement* Website Listserv $100 Educational / Non-educational institutions(job postings included)
Annual Meeting Program Full-page $500 Advertisements in Annual Meeting Program (200 copies)
Half-page $250
Display Table $100/day Plus expenses
Announcement* Website Listserv Free Non-profit Korean language- and Korean studies-related events only
AATK Website & Annual Meeting Program
Patron Sponsor KLEAR Hanyang U $10,000+ – annual meeting sponsorship
– University Language Institutes, Korean Education Centers, Korean Cultural Centers
Supporting Sponsor $5000+
Contributing Sponsor Korean Language Foundation $1000+
Contribution** Open Annual Meeting snacks, meals, reception, tote bags, folders
Grant Korea Foundation $33,500


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