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Past Conference Themes

Themes of AATK Workshops and Conferences (2001-2021)

AATK Year Location Annual Meeting Theme
28 2023 U of Pennsylvania Transformative Language Learning through Real World Engagement
27 2022 Cornell U Rebooting and Gearing Up for the New Normal in Korean Language Education
26 2021 Virtual Advancing Korean Language Education through Digital Practices
25 2020 Columbia U (Virtual) Redefining the Field: Envisioning Future Directions for Korean Language Educators
24 2019 U of Minnesota Diverging Korean Language Across Boundaries: Aspirations, Challenges, and Implications
23 2018 U of Toronto Innovation and accountability in Korean language assessment and program evaluation
22 2017 USC Promoting global competence for diverse learners in the 21st Century: Implementing world-readiness standards in language curriculum, instruction, and assessment
21 2016 Emory Virtual possibilities: Integrating technology in language learning and teaching
20 2015 Monterey Building strong language programs: The next 20 years
19 2014 Boston Korean language teaching through film and literature: Creating connections
18 2013 Michigan State Empowering Korean heritage language learners: New challenges in HL pedagogy and research
17 2012 Stanford Exploring the new wave in Korean teaching and learning
16 2011 Yale A fresh look at Korean learners: Adapting to changes and new trends
15 2010 Washington U Reconceptualizing Korean teaching: Blueprints for program development from K to 16 and beyond
Workshop Conference
14 2009 Seattle Exploring Innovative Instructional Design Curriculum Development – Linking Theory and Practice
13 2008 Binghamton The Big Picture of the Korean Language Curriculum Genre and Cultural Literacy in Korean Language Programs
12 2007 Chicago Testing & Assessment: Developing, Evaluating, and Adapting Placement & Proficiency Tests Placing Korean Curricula in Higher Education
11 2006 Princeton/Rutgers Embarking on the Second Decade: Creating Engaging Input for Korean Language Teaching
10 2005 BYU The Year of Languages and AATK; Aiming Toward High-Level Competence
9 2004 Duke Addressing psycholinguistic and sociolinguistic dimensions in pedagogy Bridging language and culture
8 2003 Berkeley Current Trends and Technology in Foreign Language Teaching Creating New Ideas That Move Us
7 2002 Orlando Old Standbys and New Trends in FL Teaching: Demonstration of Specific Approaches Meeting New Challenges: How Can Korean Be Better Taught?
6 2001 Hawaii Building on Our Strengths
5 2000 UCLA
4 1999 Ohio State At the Threshold of the Year 2000
* 1998 Brown
3 1997 Tempe, AZ
2 1996 Los Angeles
1 1995 Monterey
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