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2022 Korea Foundation Support Program

2021-07-17 19:05
Dear Colleagues,

Greetings from the Korea Foundation Los Angeles Office!

Please be advised that The Korea Foundation is accepting grant applications for 2022 Support Program now and wanted to share the below information with you. (You can refer to the website below or attached file for comprehensive guideline.)

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me anytime.

p.s. If you find your organization won't be able to apply by the deadline due to limited time, you can apply for the 2022 Korea Foundation LA Small Grant(up to $10,000) later October this year. If you are interested, please let us know so we can share more information about the small grant in the future as well.

Support for Policy-Oriented Research Program

Areas of Support

1. Policy-oriented research or Research Activities (seminars, workshops, etc.) related to Korea (Topic examples: Issues related to the Korean peninsula, national security, science, and technology: digital transformation, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence (AI), supply chain, 5G, human rights, equality, environmental protection, democracy, civil society, job creation, public health, etc.)

2. Education program for next generation policy experts

3. Establishment of research positions (Korea Fellow/Chair) or research units which focus on Korea-related research



Support for Establishment of Professorship

The KF provides financial support for efforts to create new professorships in the field of Korean studies and Korean language at various universities abroad that are equipped with the infrastructure necessary to maintain an adequate level of research and education on Korean studies and have future growth potential. Under this program, the KF funds the establishment and operation of two types of professorships: 1) the Tenure-Track Position, in which the support recipient university agrees to permanently maintain the position from its own resources after the termination of the KF’s support, and 2) the Endowment Chair position, in which the support recipient university operates a permanent professorship with the KF through a jointly created endowment fund.



Support for Dispatch of Visiting Professor

The KF dispatches visiting professors of relevant fields to universities abroad that are planning to launch or expand Korean studies or Korean language courses but are currently experiencing difficulties in staffing their faculty with adequately qualified candidates.



Support for Employment of Contract Faculty Member

The Korea Foundation provides financial support to universities abroad seeking to hire new contract faculty members (non-tenure track) with the goal of creating or expanding their Korean language or Korean studies program.



Korean Studies Workshop for Non-Korean Educators

The Korean Studies Workshop for Non-Korean Educators provides secondary-school teachers and education administrators overseas an opportunity to promote understanding about Korea and broaden the scope of Korea-related education in their classrooms.



2022-2023 Arts and Cultural Exchange Program

The KF provides support for a variety of Korea-related cultural exchange projects being implemented by organizations abroad as part of its efforts to promote understanding and friendship between Korea and other countries.

Areas of Support: Performances, Exhibitions, Lectures related to Korean arts and culture, Projects introducing Korean arts and culture through audio-visual formats



2022 KF Fellowship for Korean Language Training



2022 KF Fellowship for Field Research



Best regards,


한국국제교류재단 LA 사무소장 이중민

Chungmin Lee (Mr.), Director, The Korea Foundation Los Angeles Office

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