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AATK President's Message

2023-03-18 15:18

Dear Esteemed AATK Members,

I am Hangtae Cho, President of AATK, and I am pleased to announce that registration is now open for the 28th AATK Annual Conference and Workshop. The event will take place at the University of Pennsylvania from June 15th to June 17th, 2023. I would like to bring to your attention several important changes for this year's conference:

From this year onward, we will no longer provide hotel subsidies. Instead, we will offer a $100 conference attendance support for each member staying at the designated conference hotel. For a four-night stay, the total cost, including taxes, will amount to $833. By sharing a room with another attendee, the cost will reduce to $416 per person for four nights. With the $100 conference attendance support, your final payment will come to $316 for four nights, inclusive of taxes. While this cost is slightly higher than last year's Cornell conference, it is deemed reasonable given Philadelphia's regional factors and recent price increases. For those interested in sharing rooms with fellow members, kindly refer to the message sent by Local Chair Haewon Cho on March 16th: https://aatk.org/notice/?uid=847&mod=document

As the conference is taking place in the bustling city of Philadelphia, the increased costs associated with attendance may be burdensome for some, particularly graduate students and part-time instructors. To address this, we have expanded travel subsidies for graduate students, part-time instructors, and first-time conference attendees. We encourage those in need of financial support to apply. More information about these travel support opportunities can be found at the following links:

Thank you for your attention, and I eagerly anticipate meeting you in Philadelphia this June.

Warm regards,
Hangtae Cho
President, AATK

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