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AATK Members' New Book Publication - Guided Korean Writing for the Real World & Beginning Korean

2024-03-28 15:44

Announcement on AATK members' new book publications:

Guided Korean Writing for the Real World: 실생활 한국어 쓰기 길잡이 (English edition) by Angela Lee-Smith and Kijoo Ko, published by Hawoo Publishing Inc. in January 2024, is a comprehensive resource tailored for learners in high school and college educational settings. This essential toolkit aids those at beginner to intermediate-low proficiency levels in Korean. Through step-by-step activities, the book simulates real-life Korean writing tasks, equipping learners to effectively navigate written communication in diverse contexts. Ideal for classroom use or self-study, it prepares users for a range of writing scenarios encountered in daily life and beyond.  ISBN: 9791167481184. Explore more.

Beginning Korean:실생활 한국어 by Angela Lee-Smith, Jongoh Eun, and Susan Strauss, published in April 2024 by Routledge, is an English edition tailored for adult learners of Korean in real-world contexts. This versatile resource, suitable as a textbook, reference book, or self-study guide, immerses learners in beginner to intermediate-level Korean with a variety of natural-sounding dialogues and fresh perspectives on the language and cultural insights. It is designed for both teachers and learners, providing an extensive array of conversational expressions, vocabulary, grammar notes, and communicative applications, aiming to deepen engagement with the Korean language and culture in daily life. ISBN: 9781032687032. For more information.

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