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Requesting information for Newsletter 2024 and checking your program information on the AATK website

2024-03-23 23:35
Dear AATK members,

We are excited to meet at the 29th AATK Annual Conference and Professional Development Workshop in June.

I would like to request information to be updated/included in our AATK Newsletter (2024). Please send the following information to aatk@aatk.org by 5/10. (For K-12 and KHS highlights, please see #4 below.)

1. Newsletter:
Please let us know if you have any:
 (1)   Member Highlights
 (2)   Korean Language Program Updates
 (3)   Book announcements

2. Membership Directory
Please check if your information is up to date in your AATK account. Also, please change any 한글 word in your address to English (e.g., 한국 or 미국 to Korea or US), so the publisher of KLA journal can send you a hard copy without a problem later.

3. Schools offering Korean
If you’re in charge of the Korean program at your school, please check out the current information on our website (https://aatk.org/schools/). If you have any change(s) to make, send me the info.

4. KHS Highlights

For KHS Chapter Highlights, please send the photos and content in a Word file/an Image file (as opposed to PDF) to nkhs.klta@aatk.org (NOT aatk@aatk.org) by May 5th.


Thank you very much for your help.
Hope to see you all in June!



For more information regarding this website and news posting, please contact aatk@aatk.org

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