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2012-02-01 14:23


American Association of Teachers of Korean (AATK) is pleased to announce a call for applications for a graduate student teaching fellowship with sponsorship from the Korea Foundation now in its sixth year. The fellowship provides seed funding for establishing a new Korean program or expanding an existing program at a college in the United States and North America. The funding is available for one year for a maximum of USD 12,000, and can be renewed for one more year pending a successful renewal application.  The application should be submitted by a faculty in charge of or setting up a Korean language program. The funds must be used to hire a graduate student for classroom teaching, which could range from teaching a course on their own, to being in charge of a section or sections of a course coordinated by the main instructor, to conducting drill/practice sessions as part of a course under the supervision of the instructor.   

Interested applicants should submit a cover letter, the application form (see the link below), and an endorsement letter from the department chair or relevant administrator by March 15, 2012. Following situations will be considered as eligible for seeking the funding: 

1) Starting a new Korean language program, or upgrading an existing tutorial/self-instructional/critical language program to a regular program

2) Introducing a separate track system (e.g. parallel courses for “heritage” and “non-heritage” students) or a different course type (e.g. accelerated or intensive courses) 

3) Adding new courses and expanding course offerings (e.g. higher level courses)

4) Increasing number of course sections to accommodate larger enrollments     

Applications will be reviewed by a committee consisting of the AATK board members and officers. The selection will be based on assessments of: whether the need is valid and well-founded, whether the graduate TA’s role and responsibilities are well-defined with proper guidance/direction, whether the department/unit is supportive and committed enough to continue or upgrade the TA support after the funding has expired, and whether the program exhibits a significant growth or development potential.  

All application material should be submitted electronically to Prof. Hae-Young Kim, the Executive Secretary (haeyoung@duke.eduby March 15, 2012.  The review and notification of the results will be completed by April 15th, 2012.    

If you have any inquiry, send it to:

Prof. Hae-Young Kim, the Executive Secretary of AATK
Duke University Dept of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
Box 90414
Durham, NC 27708
(919) 660-4364 [O] | 681-7871 [F]

Download application form (pdf) | Download application form (doc)

Hyo Sang Lee, President of AATK
Dept. of East Asian Languages and Cultures
Goodbody Hall 229
Indiana University
(812)855-8721 [O] | 855-6402 [F]


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