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Seeking Korean online course content reviewers + voice actors

2024-04-16 16:11
Of interest to Korean language educators...

The North Carolina Virtual Public School (NC Virtual), in collaboration with the Center for Urban Language Teaching & Research (CULTR) and the National Foreign Language Resource Center (NFLRC), is currently developing its first-ever Korean 1 online course. A team of Korean language educators have been diligently working on developing the new course's curriculum and materials, and we are seeking external Korean educators to help review the content created. Content reviewers will be asked to access the online course, carefully read through course materials and document any issues with the content (inaccuracies, spelling/grammatical errors, etc.). Any issues found will be documented on a spreadsheet that will be provided. There will also be a virtual orientation session to attend to make sure all reviewers are on the same page.

Course reviewers will be eligible to earn CEU credit for the time spent reviewing the course. CEU credits can be used toward state licensure renewal for K-12 teacher licenses. Those who want the CEU credits would need to fill out a simple journal to log the hours spent reviewing content and list what particular activities were done during that time.

Apart from course reviewers, we are also seeking voice talent. A key part of the Korean 1 materials will be videos featuring a cast of animated characters interacting in Korean, and so we are also currently seeking 7 voice actors to play 1 female teacher, 3 female students, and 3 male students, respectively, and to read basic scripts for the course videos. Voice actors should be highly proficient in Korean and able to speak slowly and clearly in a way that could be understood by a level one student with no prior knowledge of Korean.

A recording setup to deliver clear audio files is necessary for the audio files. The recordings can be made remotely. Recordings will contain around 30-40 simple lines that will be edited and put into dialog videos for the course. Unfortunately there is no budget for this part of the project, but all voice actors will be acknowledged in the course for their contributions.

Interested? Have questions? Please contact Project Manager

Sarah Boutin

Instructional Leader, Japanese 1 Instructor and Conversation Coach

343 E. Six Forks Road. Suite 130 Raleigh, NC, 27609
Phone:  919-964-5227 I Fax: (984) 239-6389 I Email: sarah.boutin@ncpublicschools.gov

Note: All email correspondence to and from this address is subject to public review under the NC Public Records Law. As a result, messages may be monitored by and disclosed to third parties.

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