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Call For Proposals (Korean Special Interest Group in ACTFL): 1/11/2012

2011-12-15 17:30

Call for Presentation

Sessions (60 minutes) or
Papers (20 minutes)

Korean Special Interest
Group (KSIG)

American Council on the
Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL)

We are accepting
proposals for sessions (60 minutes) or papers (20 minutes) for the KSIG sessions
at the 2012 ACTFL Convention to be held in Philadelphia, PA, November 16-18. We
are especially interested in proposals in collaboration with K-12 and
addressing pedagogical issues applicable to Korean

Please follow these
ACTFL guidelines for your submission:

(60 minutes)

are limited to four presenters and should address a topic of interest to
attendees. Sessions are 60 minutes in length. Presenters should avoid reading
papers and/or study results, but instead, share valuable information and skills
in an engaging format.

Papers (20

Paper presentations
should address a research topic of interest to attendees. Presenters should
avoid reading papers and/or study results, and instead present the valuable
information in an engaging format.

General guidelines
for both sessions and papers:

TITLE: The title
of the proposal cannot be more than 10 words in length. The topic should be
relevant to current concerns of the profession and have appeal to either a
general or a specific audience.

The description must be a maximum of 50 words. It must be in final, publishable
format and free from errors. Your description must have audience appeal, and it
must clearly align with the content of your proposal.

Strong content must show depth, originality and/or insight into your topic in a
maximum of 150 words. The content of your proposed presentation must be very
clear, specific and detailed. It must align with the keyword you selected and
describe specific knowledge and skills and/or improvement in teaching/learning
that can occur. The content must be appropriate for the allotted

methods section must indicate how information will be shared with the audience
in a maximum of 150 words. Your presentational modes must be specifically
identified and appear highly engaging. High participant involvement is

List measurable objectives in a maximum of 50 words. Please provide up to three
statements in which you describe what participants will learn and/or be able to
do as a result of attending your presentation. These objectives should be the
foundation upon which you build your presentation.


You can submit the
proposal in ACTFL online (www.actfl.org) by
January 11, 2012. 

We look forward to receiving your

Sungdai Cho,  KSIG
Chair, sundy@binghamton.edu

Hyosang Lee, KSIG
Vice-Chair, hslee@indiana.edu

Sunmi Choe, KSIG
Vice-Chair, sunchoe3@gmail.com

Joowon Suh, KSIG
Tresurer, suh@princeton.edu

Sahie Kang,
ex-officio, sahiekang@yahoo.com

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