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AATK Members' New Book Publications - TOPIK II Writing & Understanding Success and Failure in Adult ESL

2022-05-15 16:19
AATK Members' New Book Publications

(1) TOPIK II Writing 

by Taewoong Kim, Soo-ok Park

ISBN: 9781635190403

The “Writing” problems are the most dreaded part of TOPIK for many exam takers. However, according to Korean language instructors who have been helping with TOPIK preparations for years, each problem has key points that help answer the respective question. If you familiarize yourself with them, you will start to enjoy the “Writing” part of TOPIK.
While most other TOPIK textbooks focus on the form of the questions and model answers, this book shows how to identify the purpose of each question and explains them in a way that helps the students leave the fear of “Writing” behind. Moreover, the scoring system for every question is analyzed so you can better plan your strategy to solve them.
Studying with this book, you will understand how to approach each “Writing” question, learn the appropriate strategy for solving them, and be able to go through the whole writing process with confidence, resulting in a satisfactory exam score.


(2) Understanding Success and Failure in Adult ESL: Superación vs Dropout of Adult English Learners in the US

by Taewoong Kim

ISBN: 9781800412392

This book explores the reasons why adult ESL learners drop out of their language classes and suggests explicit strategies for keeping students engaged. The most effective strategies may be personal rather than technical or curricular. Based on a study of a group of Mexican immigrants to the US, the author proposes that superación or 'self-actualization' is crucial to understanding the relative success of adult ESL learners. Learners' decisions to drop out were not hasty or superficial but were based on a commonsense assessment concerning how the class might improve the quality of their lives. Those involved in delivering ESL to adult learners should stress the tangible, practical advantages that accrue with learning English, and at the same time strive to make instruction relevant.

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