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AATK members' Journal Access - The Korean Language in America

2022-05-04 12:11
Dear AATK members,

AATK has worked with the Penn State University Press to set up a reference URL for access to The Korean Language in America on the Scholarly Publishing Collective and on JSTOR.

We are pleased to announce that you may now access the journal by navigating to: https://aatk.org/registration/online_journal.php

Or you can click on the link on our AATK website: https://aatk.org/journal/ as shown in the image below.

After logging in as an AATK member, you can find the current content, or the JSTOR link for the archive.

Members will continue to receive their print copies following publication of the issues. For this, members should maintain their current mailing addresses ALL IN ENGLISH in their AATK accounts. The publisher directly handles mailing print copies and they cannot process addresses containing Korean words such as 미국 and 한국.

For more information regarding this website and news posting, please contact aatk@aatk.org

American Association of Teachers of Korean, AATK

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