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AATK Members' New Book Publication - The Cambridge Handbook of Korean Linguistics

2022-05-04 11:45

Cho, Sungdai and Whitman, John (Eds.). 2022. The Cambridge Handbook of Korean Linguistics (Part of Cambridge Handbooks in Language and Linguistics). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Table of Contents

Part I. Korean Overview:
1. Introduction Sungdai Cho and John Whitman
2. Phonology: An Overview Young-Key Kim-Renaud
3. Overview of Chapters on Syntax James Hye-Suk Yoon
4. On the Centrality of Korean in Language Contacts in Northeast Asia Alexander Vovin
5. Politeness Strategies in Korean Sungdai Cho
6. Korean Kugyŏl Jae-young Chung and John Whitman

Part II. Phonetics and Phonology:
7. Vowel Harmony Seongyeon Ko
8. The Phonology and Phonetics of Korean Stop Laryngeal Contrasts Yoonjung Kang, Jessamyn Schertz and Sungwoo Han
9. The Phonetic-Prosody Interface and Prosodic Strengthening in Korean Taehong Cho
10. Constituent Structure and Sentence Phonology of Korean Seunghun J. Lee
11. Effects of Linguistic Experience on the Perception of Korean Stops Sang Yee Cheon

Part III. Morphology and Syntax:
12. Right-Dislocation in Korean: An Overview Heejeong Ko
13. Experimental Insights on the Grammar of Korean Anaphors Chung-hye Han
14. Person-Denoting Nominals: Interpretations and Structures Shin-Sook Kim and Peter Sells
15. Lexical Nominalizations in Korean James Hye-Suk Yoon
16. The Processing of a Long-Distance Dependency in Korean: An Overview Nayoung Kwon

Part IV. Semantics and Pragmatics:
17. Subjectivity and Intersubjectivity in Korean Grammar Ho-min Sohn
18. Discourse Studies in Korean Haeyeon Kim
19. Metaphoric and Metonymic Patterns with the Body-Part Term Nwun 'Eye(s)' in Korean Ebru Türker
20. Wh-indefinites Jiwon Yun
21. 'Expletive' Negation in Korean Suwon Yoon
22. Case Stacking in Korean: Argument Structure or Information Structure? EunHee Lee

Part V. Sociolinguistics and Psycholinguistics:
23. Grammaticalization in Korean Seongha Rhee
24. Performing Gender in Korean: Language, Gender, and Social Change Minju Kim
25. Jejueo: Korea's Other Language William O'Grady, Changyong Yang and Sejung Yang

Part VI. Language Pedagogy:
26. Genre-Based Approach to Korean Language Teaching: A Curriculum Application Hye-Sook Wang
27. Towards Integrated Performance Assessment Sahie Kang
28. Interactional Competence in Korean Language Mary Shin Kim
29. From Bilingual Speakers to Korean Heritage Language Learners Hi-Sun Kim
30. Language Policy and Its Effect in South Korea Hyunsik Min.

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