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AATK Members' New Book Publication - Media, Culture, and Debate in Korean 

2021-11-09 18:49

Media, Culture, and Debate in Korean by Seung-Eun Chang at Georgia Institute of Technology


Media, Culture, and Debate in Korean provides a roadmap for an advanced-level Korean course (4th level) centered around media and culture and includes access to an archive of virtual media resources such as film, documentary, shows, newspaper, drama, music, and advertising. The book is designed to help students enhance their language skills and to deepen their knowledge and understanding of contemporary Korean society and culture through the analysis of authentic Korean media resources and debate. It addresses the cultural issues permeating Korean society that are transforming people’s perspectives, language, and lifestyle. These societal issues are discussed in the context of historical background, the struggle between tradition and changing values, positive and negative impact of the phenomenon, neologism, and potential solutions. This book can serve as a main textbook for a semester as well as a resource for an online class setting and can also be used in a traditional face-to-face class setting.

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