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Note from Sogang Korean Language Education Center(KELC)

2011-05-24 02:28
서강대 한국어교육원 김성희입니다.


저희 서강대학교 한국어교육원에서는 여름 단기 집중과정 <2011 Sognag Korean Immersion Program> 신청 마감일을 연기하여 알려 드리고자 편지를 드립니다.


이멀전 프로그램 홍보가 다소 늦어진 관계로
신청 마감일을 5 15일에서 6 15일로 변경하였습니다.


* , 연장 기간에 신청하는 분은 기숙사를 배정 받지 못 할 수 있습니다. (First come, first served).
홈페이지에 방문 하시어 변동 사항을 참고해 주세요.


여러분의 친지가 이번 여름을 서강대학교에서 보낼 수 있길 빌며
이만 인사드립니다.


교학부장 김성희 드림
서강대학교 한국어교육원
2011 Sognag Korean Immersion Program


am writing this in order to let you know of an important change in the
schedule of the 2011 Sogang Korean Immersion Program. Following requests
from applicants, the registration due date has been changed from May 15th to June 15th.


accordance to this change, we have also extended the due date for
application fees. However, note that the due date for tuition fees have
not changed.


Please take a moment to check the new deadlines below;





Registration deadline

May 15th

June 15th

Due date: application fee

Due date: tuition fee

June 15th

June 15th



First come, first served


Despite the changes, we would urge applicants to enroll in the program as soon as possible, especially because later applicants cannot be guaranteed dormitory space.


Please inform prospective applicants of this change and encourage them to be with Sogang this summer. Please visit our website: www.koreanimmersion.org


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
I hope to be with you this summer at Sogang.


Best regards,


Kim, Song Hee
Program director of KLEC
2011 Sognag Korean Immersion Program

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