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Learning Korean in Elementary School

2010-05-11 13:43

I am a Superintendent of Schools in Upstate New York.  I came across
your group while searching multiple web sites for information on
teaching Korean to elementary students and thought you might be able
to help me.

Specifically, I am interested in arranging for instruction in
learning Korean to be provided to students in grades 3-5 in an after
school format.  In my idea, instruction would occur for 30-45 minutes
2x per week after school  Our region has no teachers of the Korean
language to make this possible so I thought that some sort of
distance instruction/learning might be possible.  For ex: perhaps
particular tapes/books could be ordered and a facilitator could be
contracted to "teach" via the computer live, pre-record lessons that
are streamed to the computer, etc.  I very much wish to begin a
foreign language program in our two elementary schools (complete with
certified teachers) but this effort will be the first step to move in
this direction.

Therefore, I ask for assistance with the following:

Are you aware of any programs similar to what I have described?
Do you know of a way to include "teacher" involvement by someone
versed in Korean to provide this service?

Contracting for this service is certainly possible. So there you have
it!  Any information (or direction) you could provide would be
greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


Scott A. Amo

Superintendent of Schools
Beekmantown Central School District
37 Eagle Way
West Chazy, NY  12992
Telephone:  518.563.8250
Fax:  518.563.8132

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