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President’s Message (2): More Update on 2020 AATK Annual Meeting

2020-03-23 04:27

President’s Message (2): More Update on 2020 AATK Annual Meeting


Dear AATK Members,


I write to inform you that due to the COVID-19 situation in the US, the 2020 AATK Annual Meeting, originally scheduled on June 18th through 20th at Columbia University in New York City, will be held entirely ONLINE for reduced two days on June 19th (Fri) and 20th (Sat).


It is very unfortunate that we cannot hold our annual meeting in celebration of our 25th Anniversary as planned. I want to say, on behalf of the AATK Officers and Local Organizing Committee, that we are extremely disappointed and saddened that we had to make this tough decision after two years of diligent preparations of the meeting. However, the current state of COVID-19, becoming more serious and overwhelming every minute, is simply beyond our control and far more critical at this moment.


We will inform you soon how to proceed with our first-ever synchronous online meeting in details. We have already started to work with the videoconferencing service at Columbia University in order to take advantage of technological resources and advances available to us. Both presenters and attendees may have to make adjustments to some degree, and we will guide you every step of the way. I want to assure you that we will do our best to accommodate as many members as we can and to have another successful meeting in June this year. I truly believe that all of us will not only gain valuable insights into our academic and professional endeavors but also learn new ways to interact with one another through these experiences. In the end, we will build an even stronger and more dynamic community together.


Thank you for your understanding and continued support. Hope you and your family are all safe and healthy under these exceptionally challenging circumstances.


Warm regards,


Joowon Suh

President, AATK




AATK 회원 여러분들께,


뉴욕 컬럼비아대학교에서 6 18~20 사흘 동안 열릴 예정이었던 2020 AATK 연례학회는 현재 급속도로 심각해지고 있는 미국의 코로나 19 상황으로 인해 6 19일과 20 양일에 걸쳐 전면 온라인으로 개최됩니다.


25주년을 기념하는 올해 학회를 계획한 대로 진행하지 못하게 되어 진심으로 유감스럽게 생각합니다지난 2 동안 부지런히 학회 준비를  왔던 임원진들과 컬럼비아대학교 학회 준비위원회 진행진들 모두 이러한 결정을  수밖에 없는 상황에 몹시 실망스러워하고 당황스러워하고 있는  또한 사실입니다그러나 급박하게 진행되고 있는 위중한 상황에서  이상 기다릴 수만은 없어 이렇게 어려운 결정을 내리게 되었으니 이해해 주시기를 바랍니다.


AATK에서 처음으로 실시하게 되는 synchronous online 학회에 대한 상세한 정보들은 조만간 다시 안내해 드리도록 하겠습니다학회 주최 측은 이미 컬럼비아대학교 videoconferencing service 협업을 시작했으며가능한 모든 기술적 자원들을 제공 받아 학회 진행 기술 기반에 최대한 활용하고자 합니다발표자 분들과 참가자 분들이 새로운 학회 진행 방식에 적응하실  있도록 상세한 안내와 도움을 드릴 예정입니다임원진들과 학회 준비 위원회는 보다  많은 분들이 용이하게 학회에 참여하실  있도록 최선을   것입니다쉽지 않은 결정이었지만이번 경험을 통해 우리 학회가 활발한 학술적인 교류뿐 아니라 새로운 방식의 소통 수단에 대한 이해를 보다 확고히 하여 더욱더 강화된 역동적인 학술 공동체를 형성해 나갈  있을 것이라 믿습니다.


회원 여러분들의 계속적인 이해와 지지에 다시 한번 감사 드리며회원 여러분들과 가족분들 모두  혼란스러운 상황에도 건강하시고 안전하시기를 바랍니다감사합니다.



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