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Call for Chapter proposals on Assessment and Evaluation

2020-03-18 00:58

Enhancing Beginner-Level Foreign Language Education for Adult Learners: Language Instruction, Intercultural Competence, Technology, and Assessment

Editor: Ekaterina Nemtchinova

Call for Chapter proposals on Assessment and Evaluation

Successful elementary level language courses are crucial for a foreign language program as they can lay a foundation for further language and culture study, instill the love for language, and populate upper-level courses with students. One way to ensure that the pursuit of the language continues beyond the first year is to sustain learner’s interest, confidence, and motivation from the start by supporting language instruction with engaging activities and contextualized practice. This edited volume aims to facilitate teaching language at the beginning level by exploring a wide range of critical research and practical issues of interest to instructors of the first-year language classroom.


The chapters in this volume will:

  • provide a balance between second language teaching research and practice
  • focus on adult learners in a formal classroom setting (e.g. college or university classes);
  • present research studies that address facilitation of linguistic, communicative, and cultural competence in the framework of reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills;
  • discuss empirical research findings and their implications for classroom teaching;
  • present innovative materials and techniques that enhance teaching and learning;
  • draw on research findings to offer practical teaching suggestions that would work in any adult beginner-level language classroom.

Distinctive features of the book include: (1) focus on the first-year language classroom at the postsecondary level and the theoretical and practical issues emerging from teaching adult novice language learners; (2) Innovative research perspectives on the integration of the four language skills, language assessment and the use of technology; and (3) actual classroom suggestions that can be immediately put into action.

The volume is contracted by Routledge. At this point we are inviting submissions that will focus squarely on assessing language skills at the novice level and/or evaluating programs for beginning learners.

If interested, please contact Katya Nemtchinova at katya@spu.edu to discuss submitting a chapter to the volume.

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