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CHENG & TSUI Professional Development Award

2011-04-26 09:47

Professional Development Award

The Cheng & Tsui Professional Development Award offers financial assistance to Korean language teachers, especially those new to the field, for attending training workshops, seminars, conferences, and other local, national, or international in-service learning experiences. The award may also be used to collaborate with a mentor teacher. Teacher training workshops and seminars attended by the applicant should be focused on pedagogy and issues of teaching and learning. The fund has designated an annual amount of $1,000 to be divided between at least two teachers each year.

Those interested in applying for the Cheng & Tsui Professional Development Award should submit (1) an application describing how they would use the Award, the amount of subsidy requested, and a proposed budget, (2) a current Curriculum Vitae, (3) a nomination or recommendation letter by the head of your program, and (4) proof of membership in the AATK. Recipients are also asked to write a brief report after attending the event for which they were awarded money, summarizing their experience and what they learned.

The application materials should be sent, via e-mail attachment to Dr. Joowon Suh at suh@priceton.edu, or to the following address, by May 15, 2011:

East Asian Studies Department, Princeton University, 211 Jones Hall, Princeton, NJ 08544

Applications will be evaluated by a special review board selected by the American Association of Teachers of Korean who have no professional or personal connections to applicants.

Download application form (pdf) | Download application form (doc)

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