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16th AATK Call for Papers

2010-12-11 03:40

American Association of Teachers of Korean<?xml:namespace prefix = o />


16th Annual Conference and Professional Development Workshop


<?xml:namespace prefix = st1 />Yale University

New Haven, Connecticut

June 23 -25, 2011





Deadline for Submission: Feb. 15, 2011

Notification of Acceptance: March 15, 2011



Conference & Workshop Theme:




For the last few years, several noticeable changes have been observed in the student population studying the Korean language both in college and K-12 setting. In the college setting, we have witnessed (1) the increasing number of non-heritage language learners enrolled in lower level Korean courses, (2) the increasing number of heritage language learners who begin the language instruction in the upper level classes, and (3) the diversifying heritage language learner population in terms of their backgrounds and proficiency levels in Korean. Also in the K-12 setting, some of these changes have become conspicuous and resulted in Korean language classes and programs in various formats such as dual language programs, immersion programs, and bilingual programs. With ever increasing diversity in students’ proficiency levels and goals, it is not only necessary but also urgent for teachers and researchers of the Korean language to reassess and reshape the overall Korean language curriculum within the K-16 education in the U.S. with long term visions.


The theme of the 16th annual meeting of the American Association of Teachers of Korean (AATK) purports to promote discussions about these changes for a better understanding of the complex sociocultural makeup of students as well as their linguistic characteristics with a view to developing effective instructional materials and approaches to accommodate their diverse needs and goals. We encourage submission of workshop proposals and conference abstracts that further discuss changes in the scene, various aspects of programs, syllabi and materials development, development of learner language and cultural knowledge and awareness, and innovation and evaluation of instructional activities and techniques. We also welcome the proposals and abstracts that discuss other aspects of learning and teaching of the Korean language than the theme.  


In particular, we strongly urge K-12 participants, in both the Annual Conference and the Professional Development Workshop, to submit their abstracts individually or jointly with other college faculty. At least one workshop session will be reserved for K-12. There will also be special awards to graduate students who submit excellent papers.



Submission Guidelines

 - ONLY online submissions will be accepted (https://www.aatk.org). 

 - Online submission will be available at the end of December.  We will send you an email notification as soon as it is ready. 

 - Abstracts and proposals should be limited in length to 500 words (English or Korean).

 - Data and references should be limited in length of another 250 words (English or Korean), if applicable.

 - Submissions are limited to 1 individual and 1 joint abstract/proposal per author, or 2 joint abstracts/proposals per author.


If you have any questions regarding the submission process, please contact Joowon Suh (suh@princeton.edu).  


 1. Professional Development Workshop (June 23 - June 24 AM)


(1) Workshop Proposal: 


Workshop sessions address practicalities of program and materials development, instructional activities and techniques, and assessment methods, and are expected to provide participants with concrete and immediately relevant suggestions for teaching. Each workshop session is an hour and a half long. Proposals should include description of the model/materials to be presented, the rationale or the framework on which they are based, and step-by-step procedures of how to involve participants in an interactive manner.



(2) Teaching Materials Exchange: 


One or two workshop session(s) will be reserved for the presentation of teaching material or classroom activity. Each presentation is 20 minutes long, including discussion.



2. Annual Conference (June 24 PM - June 25)


Conference papers present research on topics pertaining to Korean teaching and learning, and include empirical studies (experimental or observational), analyses of corpora, text or learner language, and reviews or meta-analyses of research. We particularly welcome papers that link current theories of language pedagogy and second language acquisition to enhancing program development and pedagogic practices. Presentations are 30 minutes (20 minutes talk plus 10 minutes for questions and answers).



Please contact the AATK 2010 Conference Chairs, if you have questions or comments:


(For housing, transportation, local information)         

Seungja Choi (Co-Chair)                              



(For abstract/proposal submission & program scheduling)

Joowon Suh (Co-Chair)


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