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2010 Korean Special Interest Group at ACTFL

2010-11-30 21:11


Boston MA

Sheraton Independence East

20 Nov 2010

11:15 to 12:45



62 members attended at the Korea Foundation Luncheon and business
meeting of Korean Special Interest Group.  With a generous support from
Korea Foundation, we were able to set up three booths and provide food
for members.  Below are the agenda items that we discussed during the


1. Welcoming Remarks by Korea Foundation Delegate, Director Kwangcheol Lee

Director Lee welcomed members of this community and overviewed Korea
Foundation activities, wishing to work together for the mission of
Korean to be a world language.


2. National Standard for Korean Language: Prof. Young-mee Yu Cho (Rutgers University)

Prof. Cho distributed the sample of National Standards Project and it
will also be available as a CD format next year.  Members can order it
through ACTFL purchase.


3. Vice Chair: Prof. Hyo Sang Lee (Indiana University): Higher Education

Prof. Lee explained what AATK (American Association of Teachers of
Korean) is about and encourages KSIG members to join the organization. 
2011 AATK conference will be held in Yale University late June and it
will consist of a teacher’s workshop and main conference
presentations.  Please visit the website (www.aatk.org) for further


4. Vice Chair: Sunmi Choe (La Canada High School): K-12

Ms Choe presented what the K-12 organization (AKLTAS, Association of
Korean Language Teachers at American Schools) is about and Esther Shin
was introduced as a new president of this organization.


5. Treasurer Joowon Suh (Princeton University)

Prof. Suh presented the budget situation and there were remaining about
$240 (4 dollars each member times 60 people) and we never used this
budget yet.


6. Announcement

a. Member Drive

Members are urged to register under the name of KSIG.


b. Deadline for the proposal abstract for ACTFL 2011 is Jan 10, 2011.

2011 Theme (Denver Colorado): Empowering Language Educators through Collaboration

This year, seven papers out of twelve were chosen for the presentation
of KSIG by 7 selecting committee members (5 current board members and
two past board members).  From next year on, we will provide a partial
support for presentation in KSIG and ACTFL general session unless you
are providing a school support.


c. Language Educators (Korean SIG Special Edition)

Members will be notified for submitting the articles for the special
edition of Korean Special Interest Group later next year.  For the time
being, please let us know your interest for this article.



Sungdai Cho


Korean Special Interest Group




                           Sungdai Cho

Department of Asian and Asian-American Studies

                      SUNY at Binghamton

                 Binghamton, NY 13902-6000

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