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Visit Cheng & Tsui at ACTFL

2010-10-30 02:26

Meet Cheng & Tsui at ACTFL!

For 30 years, Cheng & Tsui has strived to provide Asian language educators with the highest quality textbooks, supplements, multimedia materials, and teacher resources. Meet us at ACTFL and find out how we can help you meet your curriculum goals!

Visit us at booth #1623

  • Browse our publications and view demonstrations
  • Speak to our knowledgeable staff

  • Attend informative presentations and workshops at our booth
  • Receive a special ACTFL discount on orders

Attend our workshops and presentations

  • Attend presentations and workshops by authors, teachers, and Asian language experts
  • Learn how to launch a successful Asian language program

  • Gain practical knowledge to help you in the classroom
  • Learn more about our textbook series and supplements for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean

November 19th, Friday

November 20th, Saturday


Artificial Intelligence in Learning Japanese: Introducing Robo-Sensei

Presented by: Noriko Nagata, University of San Francisco

Cheng & Tsui Booth 1623


Starting an Asian Language Program: Practical Advice and Suggestions

Presented by: Jessica Haxhi, Maloney Magnet School, Waterbury, CT

Cheng & Tsui Booth 1623


Navigating the Chinese Language Classroom for New Teachers

Presented by: Star Chen-Lew, Belmont High School, Belmont, MA

Cheng & Tsui Booth 1623


The Building Blocks of Teaching Chinese to Young Learners

Presented by: Shuhan Wang, Flying With Chinese Author, National Foreign Language Center

Cheng & Tsui Booth 1623


Chinese for Tomorrow: A Five-Skilled Approach to Learning

Presented by: Wayne He, Chinese For Tomorrow Author, University of Rhode Island

Cheng & Tsui Booth 1623


Unlocking Kanji: A Methodology for Kanji Recognition

Presented by: Noriko Williams, Key To Kanji Author, American University

Cheng & Tsui Booth 1623


Games and Activities for the Chinese Language Classroom

Presented by: Tan-Wen Hou, St. Andrew's Episcopal School, Austin, TX

Cheng & Tsui Booth 1623


Integrated Chinese: A Multimedia Course for High School and College

Presented by: Lili Pan, Lexington High School, Lexington, MA

Yvonne Liu, Cheng & Tsui

Exhibition Hall A, Workshop Room 3


Meaningful Play: Using the Tools of Childhood with Young Language Learners

Presented by: The authors of Flying with Chinese

Exhibition Hall A, Workshop Room 3


Teaching Korean: The “You Speak Korean!” Method

Presented by: Emily Curtis, You Speak Korean! Author, University of Washington

Hyunjung Ahn, University of Washington

Cheng & Tsui Booth 1623


Chinese Biographies: Reading Comprehension in a Contemporary Context

Presented by: Grace Wu, Chinese Biographies Author, University of Pennsylvania

Cheng & Tsui Booth 1623


Huanying: Engaging Secondary Students in Active Communication

Presented by: Lanting Xu, Huanying Author, Bellarmine College Prep, San Jose, CA

Bing Liu, Metropolitan Learning Center, Bloomfield, CT

Exhibition Hall A, Workshop Room 3


Chinese Cultural Instruction through Multimedia Documentaries

Presented by: Gail Wang, Boston Public Schools, Yuanyuan Liu, Boston Public Schools, Leslie Swartz, Boston Children's Museum

Hynes Convention Center, Room 105


Fun with Hanzi: Leading Children to Develop Literacy in the Chinese Language

Presented by: The authors of Flying with Chinese

Exhibition Hall A, Workshop Room 3


Chinese Culture and History: Unveiling the Mystery of China for Your Students

Presented by: Julia Torre of Primary Source

Cheng & Tsui Booth 1623

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