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2019 Berkeley Summer Session for Korean

2019-04-09 22:32

Spend Your Summer Learning a New Language at UC Berkeley



Berkeley Summer Sessions offers an extensive language program with 14 different languages from which to choose. Use the summer to fulfill a major requirement, brush up on a second language or introduce yourself to a whole new world. Our language classes range from introductory to advanced and are offered in multiple sessions to best fit your schedule. Learning a new language can open up academic and career opportunities for the rest of your life.


Our Intensive Language classes condense a semester or a year's worth of language content (5-10 units) into the shortened summer session.Enrollment is open to Berkeley students as well as visitors.


For Session A, Berkeley offers 6-week intensive courses in Elementary Korean (Korean 1A), Intermediate Korean (Korean 10A), and Korean Language in Popular Media (Korean 109).

For Session D, Berkeley offers 6-week intensive courses in Elementary Korean (1B), Intermediate Korean (10B), and Business Korean (Korean 105).

Please check out the attached flyers for further information.

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