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Funding opportunity in Korean for SLA grad students from the UW-Madison Korean Flagship Program

2018-10-09 23:36

Funding Opportunity in Korean for New SLA Student

(Website: https://sla.wisc.edu/content/teaching-assistantship-opportunity-sla-student-korean)


The interdisciplinary Doctoral Program in Second Language Acquisition (SLA) and Korean Flagship Program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison invite applications from a future scholar in SLA and Korean to begin a program of doctoral studies in SLA in Fall 2019 with TA funding from the new Korean Flagship at UW-Madison.


About the UW-Madison SLA PhD Program: The UW-Madison SLA PhD Program is an interdisciplinary program that prepares students to conduct research and teach in scholarly fields related to second language studies, bi- and multilingualism, and second/foreign language education. The community of faculty and students affiliated with the SLA Program is a vibrant and supportive group representing many languages, as well as several departments and schools on the UW-Madison campus. Faculty in the program specialize in sociolinguistic, sociocultural, generative, and psycholinguistic approaches to SLA research, and employ a variety of methodologies and analytic approaches in their scholarship.


About the UW-Madison Korean Flagship Program: The UW-Madison Korean Flagship in the Department of Asian Languages and Cultures and Language Institute is a new undergraduate program for highly motivated students in any major to reach a professional level of competence in Korean language and culture through intensive study at UW-Madison and overseas. The program, funded by a grant to UW-Madison from the National Security Education Program of the U.S. Department of Defense, is one of just two Korean Flagships in the nation. (The other is at the University of Hawai’i.) The new UW-Madison Korean Flagship will admit its first cohort of students in Spring 2019.


Funding: The Korean Flagship anticipates being able to offer one year of guaranteed TA funding in 2019-20 to one outstanding new student interested in Korean as a foreign/second language who is admitted to the SLA PhD Program. Additional years of TA funding through the Korean Flagship are pending the renewal of UW-Madison’s federal grant for that program.


Eligibility: Applicants to the SLA PhD Program must hold a Master’s degree in a field such as Korean language or linguistics, applied linguistics, linguistics, or education. Successful applicants will have a strong academic record, a well-articulated research statement, and outstanding letters of recommendation that speak to the candidate’s academic preparation and scholarly potential.


For the TA funding through the Korean Flagship Program, applicants must be native or Superior-level speakers of Korean, preferably with experience in teaching Korean as a foreign language at the post-secondary level in the United States, and with references (in addition to research-focused letters of recommendation for the SLA PhD Program) that speak to the individual’s excellence in teaching.


To be eligible for the TA support, the student will be expected to enroll in ASIAN 700: Teaching Asian Languages or another equivalent course.


To apply: Eligible individuals must be admitted to the Doctoral Program in Second Language Acquisition. See Admissions information. Those interested in this funding opportunity may indicate their interest and qualifications in the Funding Statement required as part of the application. 


Application deadline: December 15, 2018


More information:

About the SLA PhD Program: www.sla.wisc.edu

About the Korean Flagship Program: www.koreanflagship.wisc.edu 


SLA PhD Program: Catherine Stafford (cstafford@wisc.edu)

Korean Flagship Program: Byung-jin Lim (byungjin.lim@wisc.edu)

Regarding the process of applying to the SLA PhD Program: Wendy Johnson (wsjohnso@wisc.edu)

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