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[고려대 한국어센터] '제17회 세계 한국어 영상 한마당' 행사 안내

2018-07-02 20:37

The 17th Annual International Korean UCC Festival 2018



 The Korea University Korean Language Center is hosting the 17th Annual International Korean UCC Festival. Starting this year, this event will
be held on the eve of Hangul Proclamation Day, in the hopes that it will grow
into an international event celebrating the holiday hosted by a Korean
language education institution. We anticipate that all participants will not
only learn and share their perspectives and understanding of Korean Culture,
but also exchange information about their own cultures. We also expect this
event to build a bridge between Korea and other countries. We hope that all
those interested in Korean language and culture will participate and enjoy
this exciting event.





  Date & Time: 15:00 PM - 17:30
PM on October 8, 2018

  Venue: Inchon Memorial Hall, Korea University

  Host: Korea University Korean Language Center

  Sponsors: The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism; The National
Institute of Korean Language; and the King Sejong Institute Foundation.                

Contents: Submission
of videos created by foreigners and overseas Koreans,

   Presentation of awards




   1st Place: 1 winner, certificate and
cash prize of KRW 1,500,000

      (Award of the Minister of the Ministry of
Culture, Sports and Tourism)

   2nd Place: 1 winner, certificate and
cash prize of KRW 1,000,000

      (Award of the Chairman of the King Sejong
Institute Foundation)

   3rd Place: 2 winners, certificate and
cash prize of KRW 500,000 each

      (Award of the Director of the Institute of Foreign Language Studies,

       Korea University)  

   Individual Prize for Actor/Actress and
Directing: 2 winners, certificate

      and cash prize of KRW 300,000 each

   Prize for Participation: 3 winners, cash prize
of KRW 200,000 each

among the videos that did not receive any prizes in the final round

     If the video that wins 1st place is
submitted by an overseas participant, one person from the

group will be given the chance to study, free of charge, in the Korean Language

Program in the Korean Language Center at Korea University
for one semester.


How to


  Participation Eligibility

     -Any foreigner or overseas Korean (individual
or group) who has a deep

interest in Korea and the Korean language

Koreans may provide some help or partially participate
in the process of video production, but foreigners should play major roles in
the process.


  Video Format 

     -Video must be your own original work,
created in Korean, and 10 minutes

      in length (no restriction on the genre).

types include documentaries, interviews, news, and parodies. 

However, if borrowing scenes or music from
existing works, the source should be credited.

the video, Korean should be used as a main language of a conversation, and Korean subtitles should be provided
in the scenes containing dialogs in English or
other languages. If actors or actresses are not fluent in Korean, it is also
recommended to provide Korean subtitles even when Korean Language is used.








  Theme(choose one of the two themes from below):





-Create a video about gifts or personal
experiences related to gifts from a subjective point of view (e.g. gifts that
you have received or given, episodes related to gifts, or memories or people
that are like gifts to you).




 Let Me Introduce Where I Live!



-Create a video about your own
country/region/town, containing an objective introduction, the people’s
perception of Korea, and the status of Korean language education.

-Or you may instead make a video
introducing your current residence (e.g. boarding house, dormitory, or
rooftop house) and the people who live there.



  How to submit:

     -Deadline: September 3, 2018 (Korean Standard Time)

form: Downloadable from the KLC website (http://klc.korea.ac.kr)

     -The application form and the video can be
submitted via email, mail,

 or in person.


  Email: korean.ucc.festival@gmail.com

 Mailing address:
#208B, International Studies Hall, 145, Anam-ro,   

Seoul, Korea 02841

Tel: Eun Jung, KIM (82.2.3290.2977)

All results will be announced by email and posted on the KLC website (

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