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Call for Papers ASKLLaT 2017

2017-10-02 11:56


Call for Papers

ASKLLaT 2017

Australian Symposium on Korean
Language Learning & Teaching

20 November 2017

University of South Australia

Adelaide, Australia


Korean Language as Socio-Educational


The Program
Committee for the 2017 Australian Symposium
on Korean Language Learning & Teaching
invites academic colleagues,
early career researchers and PhD students to the University of South Australia
to present their research and enhance our understanding of Korean language
learning and teaching in Australasia, Korea and other parts of the world.
Proposals from researchers on any related topic are welcome. 

The 2017 Symposium on Korean Language Learning
& Teaching
will be hosted by the School of Management, University of
South Australia in conjunction with King Sejong Institute Adelaide (University
of South Australia), Korean Studies Promotion Services, Academy of Korean
Studies and the Australia-Korea Foundation (Australian Government).  The Symposium will be a one-day academic event,
featuring 1) investigative and explorative research presentations; 2) lively
and productive discussion, 3) mentoring emerging research students; and 4) networking
with/among participants and institutions.

The Symposium
will address a broad range of research topics relevant to the Korean language
learning and teaching with a specific focus on Korean as socio-educational
resources in Australasia and other multilingual communities. Potential topics include
but are not limited to:

Korean as a heritage language and its

Policies on Korean language
maintenance and intergenerational transmission

Language shift in Korean and its
social & psychological costs

Attitudes to Korean as a migrant

Attitudes of Korean communities
towards their language resources

Language attitudes vs attitudes to
Korean as a migrant language

Korean in multilingualism and social
justice in everyday life

Bilingualism in Korean, benefits and well-being

Strategies of bi-/multilingual
parenting and ideologies

Bottom-up language planning initiatives
and best practices

Change of urban spaces and
bi-/multilingual practices

Korean language acquisition, learning
and teaching strategies


Symposium Information

·      Date: Monday 20th November 2017

·      Venue:  University of South
Australia, Adelaide

·      Registration Fee: This is a free event thanks to the generous
support from the Korean Studies Promotion Service, Academy of Korean Studies,
Australia-Korea Foundation, King Sejong Institute Foundation and the School of
Management, University of South Australia.  Funded spaces are limited.

·      Timeline:

Abstract: due 13 October 2017. Please a 100-word abstract and a 30-word bio (e.g.
affiliation, position, research areas or projects) to Dr Seong-Chul Shin (s.shin@unsw.edu.au).

Abstract acceptance by 20 October

A full paper submission by 5pm Sydney time 10 November 2017. A
full paper that is not submitted by the due date will NOT be included in the
Symposium Proceedings, which will be published with ISBN.


Submission & Presentation Guidelines

·      All submissions and inquiries should be sent via email to

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