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AATK 새 책 소개 "Letters from Korean History" [from Kong & Park]

2017-01-23 22:06

350만 베스트셀러 한국사 편지 영문판

Letters from Korean

글로벌 리더를 위한 역사 리딩

분야 : 일반 > 외국어 > 영어독해, 청소년 영어

지은이 : 박은봉 글, 벤 잭슨 번역, 류동필 외 그림

쪽수 : 1220, 2228, 3244, 4268, 5304

판형 : 사륙변형(188 X

ISBN 979-11-86293-46-1(set) 04740

US$99.00 (5권 세트)

English version of Letters from Korean History is published for young
readers overseas who are curious about Korea and its people, and for young
Korean readers keen to learn more about their own history while improving their
language skills as global citizens. I hope that readers will not feel obliged to
start at the beginning of Volume I and plow all the way through; rather, each
letter contains a historical episode in its own right, and can be chosen and
read according to the readers particular area of
interest. The text is complemented by plenty of photos and illustrations,
giving a more vivid sense of history - reading the captions that accompany
these should enhance the sense of historical exploration.

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