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Call for Papers/Participation_22nd AATK conference and workshop

2016-10-15 12:36

Association of Teachers of Korean


22nd Annual Conference and Professional Development Workshop


June 29~July 1, 2017

University of Southern California

Los Angeles, California



Call for Papers/Participation


for Submission: February 15, 2017

Notification of Acceptance: March 15, 2017



Conference & Workshop Theme:

Promoting Global
Competence for Diverse Learners in the 21st Century:
Implementing World-readiness
Standards in Language Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment


Language classrooms are ever more multifarious in the
composition of our students from diverse ethnic and linguistic backgrounds.
Moreover, our local and global communities in the 21st century are
increasingly interconnected and interdependent among each other, and our
students must compete and function in a worldwide market. Accordingly, global
competence is becoming a mandate rather than an option for our students. It is
imperative for our students to recognize other cultural perspectives, apply
(inter)disciplinary knowledge, and communicate with people from linguistically
and culturally diverse backgrounds using one or more foreign languages. Global
competence is a critical component of language education in the 21st
century as language learning provides important means for our students to
engage in multilingual and multicultural communities.


The theme of the 22nd Annual Meeting of the American Association
of Teachers of Korean is promoting global competence for
culturally and linguistically diverse learners in the 21st century
in the context of aligning curriculum design, instruction, and assessment with
world-readiness standards. Globally competent students must possess the knowledge,
skills, and dispositions necessary to successfully function in today’s
interconnected world. We encourage submission of workshop proposals and
conference abstracts that address global competence in relation to the
implementation of world-readiness standards in Korean language education.
The theme includes but not limited to standards-based curriculum design and
material development, global-competence-oriented proficiency tests and
assessment, best practices to enhance global competence, intercultural
communication and competence, connection and expansion to content areas, and
language use in global and virtual communities.


also welcome the proposals and abstracts that discuss other aspects of the
learning and teaching of the Korean language beyond this year’s theme. We
particularly would like to see more K-12 educators submit their abstracts
individually or jointly with other college faculty, and plan to reserve at
least one workshop session for K-12 participants. There will also be special
awards for graduate students who present excellent papers.

최근 언어 교육 현장을 보면 학습자의 인종이나 문화적 배경이 얼마나 다양해지고 있는지 쉽게 있습니다. 더욱이, 21세기 지역 국제 사회는 긴밀하게 서로 연결이 되어 가며 상호 의존하고 있습니다. 외국어 학습자들은 바로 이러한 세계 시장 환경 안에서 역할을 수행하며 경쟁할 있어야 합니다. 따라서, 글로벌 역량 (global competence) 이제 우리 학생들에게는 선택이 아니라  필수 사항이 되었다고 있겠습니다. 21세기의 외국어 학습자들은 문화의 관점을 충분히 인식하고, 학제간 지식을 적용하며, 하나 이상의 외국어를 구사하면서 언어와 문화가 다른 배경에서 사람들과 의사소통을 있어야 하는 것입니다.  언어 습득과 학습은 다언어, 다문화 사회에 참여할 있게 하는 중요한 수단을 제공하기 때문에21세기를 살아가는 외국어 학습자들에게 글로벌 역량을 갖추게 주는 것이야 말로 21세기 언어 교육의 가장  핵심적인 목표 중에 하나라고 있겠습니다.

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