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2016 STARTALK/NHLRC Teacher Workshop

2016-04-01 10:29
 2016 STARTALK/NHLRC Teacher Workshop

 Workshop Dates: June 26-30, 2016    Click here to visit workshop page

Do you have students in your K-16 language classroom or community school who are home speakers of the language you are teaching, i.e. heritage learners? Consider applying for a one-week workshop from June 26-30 that targets teaching this population. You’ll collaborate with teachers from across the U.S. as you learn to design your own curriculum for heritage learners, whether they are in separate classes or with second language learners. Workshop faculty are experts in both heritage language teaching and bridging the gap between theory and practice, making for a dynamic learning environment.

The workshop's goals are for participants to:
> Understand the differences and similarities between second language and heritage language teaching.
> Set goals for HL instruction that differ from objectives for L2 programs.
> Select materials and design a curriculum that takes heritage students' initial proficiencies into account.
> Learn about assessment of heritage learners.
> Incorporate knowledge of the community including use of demographic tools in curricular design and materials development.
> Incorporate the five Cs from the National Standards into teaching heritage learners.

Deadline to apply is April 17, 2016.
 For more information about the teacher workshop, please visit http://nhlrc.ucla.edu

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