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2010 TaLK program (Deadline: 6/11)

2010-05-11 13:51


I am currently serving as Academic Affairs Advisor for National Institute for International Education, Ministry of Education, Science, & Technology, Korea from March 2010.


They launched TaLK (Teach and Learn in Korea) project in 2008.  They recruit English language speaking country college students/graduates to teach English to rural elementary school children.  Planned to recruit 600 teachers/scholars for this year 2010.   Korean Embassy/Consulate offices in seven major countries (USA, Canada, UK, Iceland, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia) accept appIications. 


Deadline for the September class/input is 11 June 2010.  It is primarily intended to help those underexposed/-privileged rural elementary school children get English language/global cultural contacts.  It is also internship program as well for foreign students/graduates interested in visiting Korea for their  Korean language/cultural awareness/learning.  Korean-American undergraduate students studying/residing in those seven countries can apply also.  The program is going extremely well and popular. Over 1,000 scholars joined the program since 2008. This Korean Government Scholarship Program pays for all expenses: R/T airfare, monthly allowance of $1,250, room and board, medical insurance, Korean co-teacher support,  local Korean college student buddy support and all other fringe benefits.  It offers two track contracts: 6-months/one year tenure.


For your detailed information, application procedures and timeline, please refer to attached files from Korean government.  I am sure anyone interested in can visit their website: www.talk.go.kr.   



Academic Affairs Advisor
National Institute for International Education,
Ministry of Education, Science, & Technology

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