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Call for Forum Pieces for up comming KLA issues

2015-12-21 08:59

Dear KLA members,

I hope the semesters, quarters, and marking periods are winding down calmly as
we approach the winter holidays.

I am in the process of preparing Volume 20.1 of The Korean Language in America.
We have received no submissions for our Forum Section, and it would be so nice
if we could include a few well-written pieces of interest for this issue.   

We are extending the deadline for Forum submissions to January 20, 2016.

Please submit your work directly through the PSU Press Editorial Manager
website. You will also find the style guide requirements there.


I will copy and paste the Forum Description below and hope to hear from you
soon, with your intent to submit to The KLA.

Wishing you all a warm, peaceful, and restful holiday season.

* * * * * * *FORUM DESCRIPTION * * * * * * *

The Forum section of The KLA includes short, non-research articles that provide
readers with opportunities to share and reflect on current theory and
pedagogical practices as they apply to classroom teaching issues.     

The Forum section contains two general sub-categories: Best Practices for
Teaching (practical application, empirical evidence) and Voices from The Field
(opinion, commentary)

A. Best Practices for Teaching (BPT)                     [Maximum length:  3,000 words]
(1) Content (including, but not limited to):
•       Innovative curriculum design
•       Exemplary teaching strategies 
•       Effective testing techniques
•       Successful professional development/ teacher training 
(2) Criteria
•       Submissions should be the author’s original work.
•       BPT pieces should provide a rationale for methods/approaches, preferably
supported in very general terms by previous research and/or theory.
•       BPT pieces should provide evidence of effectiveness or success.

B. Voices from the Field (VFF)                           [Maximum length 1,500 words]
(1) Content (including, but not limited to):
•       Opinions on current teaching trends and practices
•       Dialogue initiated by commentary on articles published in The KLA with
responses provided by original authors.
•       Commentary on articles published elsewhere (must relate to Korean
language/culture pedagogy). 
(2) Criteria
•       Topics must be relevant to the general interests of the KLA readership.
•       VFF pieces should offer thought-provoking ideas and constructive critiques.
•       Arguments should be supported in very general terms by previous research
and/or theory.  

Submission length:
Best Practices for Teaching pieces:  no longer than 3,000 words, including
notes and references.

Voices from The Field pieces:  no longer than 1,500 words, including notes and

Review:  All Forum submissions will undergo both editorial and referee review.  
Manuscripts submitted to The KLA Forum should be organized as follows:
-       Author’s name and affiliation 
-       Text 
-       Appendices 
-       References 
-       Author’s bio-statement (2 lines) 

All submissions to the Forum should conform to the style/format requirements of
The Korean Language in America (KLA), which can be obtained from the KLA
Editorial Manager website:      http://www.editorialmanager.com/kla 

Susan Strauss
Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics and Asian Studies, 
Editor, The Korean Language in America
Penn State University
300 Sparks BuildingUniversity Park, PA  16802

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