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2016 NFLRC Online Symposium: Project-Based Language Learning: Inspiring Teachers, Transforming Learning

2015-12-08 12:08

2016 NFLRC Online Symposium:

Project-Based Language Learning: Inspiring Teachers, Transforming Learning

On January 12-15, 2016, the NFLRC Project-Based Language Learning (PBLL) Symposium will bring together experts, educational leaders, and world language teachers to foster the conversation on the potential for PBLL to transform and enhance language education. PBLL's intersections with content-based instruction, task-based language learning, and performance assessment make it an ideal conduit to ground language learning on real needs and measurable outcomes.

We invite language educators, policymakers, researchers, and innovators to join the conversation and help further refine the PBLL framework by anchoring it to issues and ideas that are relevant to language education. This unique FREE online event will provide attendees not only invaluable opportunities to access expertise in PBLL and engage in thought-provoking and constructive dialogues, but also a chance to network with professionals who are passionate about this topic.

The symposium format makes it easy to integrate to busy schedules. Eight engaging presentations are followed by moderated participant discussions online. These interactive sessions are distributed across four days (i.e., two sessions per day). 

Dates & Times

January 12-15, 2016

Session times for the two daily sessions (90 minutes total) starting at:

12pm Hawai‘i | 2pm PST | 3pm MST | 4pm CST | 5pm EST

Session Content

January 12

  • Session 1: PBLL: Defining High Quality Project-Based Language Learning
  • Session 2: Learning from Life: What Movies Can Teach Us About Scaffolding Language, Content, & Culture in Project-Based Language Learning.

January 13

  • Session 3: Creating Authentic Products, Doing Authentic Work
  • Session 4: Building Linguistic, Cultural and Global Competencies through Global-PBLL

January 14

  • Session 5: Girl Power: Engaging Students in World Issues through PBLL
  • Session 6: A PBLL-designed Advanced Chinese Unit for a Distance Learning Course: Successes and Pitfalls

January 15

  • Session 7: PBLL Project Design: Define and Assess Quality
  • Session 8: Preparing Teachers to Design Project-Based Language Learning Experiences


To register for the online symposium or for more information, visit: http://nflrc.hawaii.edu/events/view/80/

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