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2014 Executive Board Member Election

2014-07-29 00:24

 AATK  회원 여러분께,


안녕하십니까? 두 달 후 보스톤 대학교에서 개최되는 2014년 정기학회에서 있을  신임 이사 선거 관련 공고입니다.


Michigan State University에서 열렸던 2013년 정기학회 총회에서 새로 개정된 정관에 의해 3명의 이사가 새로 선출되었습니다. 올해에도 회원 여러분들의 직접 선거로2014년 여름부터 임기가 시작되는 3명의 신임이사 선출이 있을 예정입니다.


후보자 추천은 자천 타천 모두 가능하며 기본 후보 자격은 다음과 같습니다:

(1)  AATK 회원; (2) 최소 5년 이상 정규 한국어 교육직 종사자; (3) 3회 이상 AATK 연례 정기학회 참여자. 


6 1일까지 김희선 Hi-Sun Kim (hisun@uchicago.edu) 선생님과 이미나Mina Lee (minausc@gmail.com) 선생님께 다음 두 가지 자료를 제출해 주시기 바랍니다:


자천: (1) 후보자 이력서; (2) 현재까지의 AATK 학회 참여 경력과 그 동안의AATK 관련

활동 사항 및 이사로서의 활동 계획 등이 포함된 자기 소개서

타천: (1) 후보자 이력서 (추천자가 후보자 본인의 동의를 얻어 제출); (2) 후보자의 현재까지의 AATK 학회 참여 경력과 그 동안의 AATK 관련 활동 사항 및 이사로서의 활동 계획 등이 포함된 추천서 


현 이사진이 제출된 서류를 검토하여 필요한 이사 수의 최대 두 배까지 (6)최종 후보자 명단을 확정하고, 이 후보자 명단을 2014년 학회 중에 공고할 예정입니다. 공고 후 2014 6 21일 오후 1시에 열리는 AATK 총회에서 회원들의 비밀 투표를 통해 3명의 신임 이사를 선출하게 됩니다.


보다 자세한 사항은 아래 영어로 된 공고를 참조해 주십시오.


Executive Secretary, AATK

서주원 드림

Dear AATK members,



Based on the revised bylaw, we elected three new board members at the 2013 Annual Meeting held at Michigan State University (June 29, 2013). For the period of 2014-2017, a total of three new board members are to be elected to replace two outgoing Board Members, Hangtae Cho (University of Minnesota) and Hi-Sun Kim (University of Chicago), in addition to one new board member.




The Executive Board Members serve without compensation for a term of three years.


Responsibilities include:

(1) representing the AATK membership

(2) advising activities, affairs, and the management of assets of the Association

(3) participating in activities and projects, such as:

- attending two annual board meetings in June (in conjunction with theAATK Annual Meeting) & November (in conjunction with the ACTFL Convention)

- reviewing conference abstracts and workshop proposals

- selecting prize awardees

(4) maintaining liaison with other professional organization and participating in recruiting and fund-raising.




In order to be considered for election to the Board, candidates must:

(1) be currently an AATK member; (2) have experience of teaching Korean or related subjects for five years full time; and (3) have attended the AATK annual workshop and conference at least three times (not necessarily consecutive years).




The nomination process is composed of the following two steps:


1. Any regular member can nominate a candidate (including themselves). Members can directly submit self- or other-nomination to the Election Committee of the Executive Board, Dr. Hi-Sun Kim (hisun@uchicago.edu) and Dr. Mina Lee (minausc@gmail.com), byJune 1.


In the case of self-nomination, a nominee should submit to the committee: (1) his/her updated CV and (2) a personal statement including the history of his/her AATK participation, his/her

activities and services relating to the AATK in the past and prospective contributions to the AATK.


If nominating another member, a recommender, with the permission of the nominee, should submit to the committee: (1) the nominee’s CV and (2) a recommendation letter including the nominee’s history of AATKparticipation, his/her services relating to the AATK in the past and prospective contributions to the AATK.


2. The Executive Board reviews nominations and decides on a shortlist of candidates to be put on the ballot. The shortlist can have twice as many candidates as the number of vacant positions on the Board, and therefore as many as 6 candidates for the 2014 election. 



Selection Criteria

- demonstrate commitment to the AATK missions

- articulate visions for the AATK

- balanced representation of the membership




AATK members will cast votes on the candidates by secret ballot during the annual business meeting scheduled on June 21 (Sat) at 1:00 at Boston University. Those candidates who get the highest numbers of votes will be elected as board members. The elected board members must be approved by the general membership present at the annual business meeting.



The timeline for the 2014 election process is summarized as follows:


May 1


Nomination & Election Process

AATK Website

AATK Listserv


June 1

Nomination Deadline

Hi-Sun Kim

Mina Lee



June 1 – June 18


AATKExecutive Board


June 19 (Thu)

Short List

AATK Board Meeting


June 20 (Fri)



AATK Website

AATK Listserv

Maximum of 6 candidates

June 21 (Sat)

1:00 pm


Business Meeting at Boston University

3 board members to be elected




Best wishes,


Joowon Suh 

Executive Secretary, AATK

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American Association of Teachers of Korean, AATK

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