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Book Announcement: "Discourse Analysis: Putting Our Worlds into Words"

2014-01-16 12:25

Strauss and Feiz break new ground by combining key elements of a cognitive
perspective towards language with established DA traditions. The book is full
of naturally occurring text from diverse sources, including blogs and e-texts,
providing the reader many opportunities for carefully-crafted, self-guided DA.
This is an innovative, thoughtful contribution to discourse studies which
promises to prove an invaluable resource – an engaging, highly informative
introduction to multiple approaches to discourse analysis. – Andrea Tyler,
Professor of Linguistics, Georgetown University, USA

This volume offers an extraordinary sweep of the field of discourse analysis in
highly accessible terms. In crystal clear, sophisticated fashion the authors
ground fundamental concepts in a rich corpus of discourse drawn from vastly
different languages. Discourse analysis comes alive as readers plunge into how
knowledge, truth, emotions, relationships, power, and resistance are cast
through talk and texts. – Elinor Ochs, Distinguished Professor of
Anthropology, University of California Los Angeles, USA

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