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18th AATK Online Registration

2013-04-01 11:57


We are pleased to announce that the
online registration
site for the upcoming 18th AATK Annual Meeting

at Michigan
State University is now available.

1. Online Registration:

Conference registration fee

Online Pre-Registration: Regular & Lifetime
Member: $50.00

                                                            Graduate Student and & K-12
Teacher Member: $35.00

On-site Registration: Member: $60.00, Non-member:
$110.00, One-day: $75.00

Cancellation/Refund Policy: Prior to
5/15: 100%, 5/15-5/22: 50%,

5/22: No refund                             

Reimbursement will only be made
if  the cancellation is done by
May 22nd.

You also have to notify the hotel if
you arrive after midnight;  otherwise, your room

reservation will be
cancelled.  Please contact the AATK Treasurer, Angela Lee-Smith

(angela.lee-smith@yale.edu), for refund and the refund policy.


    (2) If you are not a AATK member, you should sign up for the
membership first before registration. 

    (3) Only credit card payment through PayPal
is accepted.

    (4) Presenters MUST register by April 15th,
, to not lose the privilege of presentation.

    (5) Other participants should register by May 15th, Wednesday, to secure a
room in the conference



2. Room Rate:  The room rate is defrayed by subsidy made
possible by the generous KF

                           sponsorship during the conference period.

     (1) For
AATK members only

  (2) A standard double occupancy room (First come first served.): $15 a night

     (3) A
single occupancy room: $75 a night

     (4) Members
who are bringing their family members are encouraged to make use of a Single  

             occupancy room, which actually can
accommodate 3 to 4 people. 


3. Online Registration Process: Same as your AATK website log-in name and

password.  Please follow the

Go to the website: 

Log in.

For membership due payment,  click “Membership History”  on the

      right corner.   Once in the
page, click “Membership/Renewal Application” on

      the lower-right corner. Choose Type of
membership in the lower box to pay,

      and click “submit”.    

For conference registration,  click “Conference History” on the

      corner.  Once in the page, click
“Conference Registration” on the lower-right  

      corner. Provide requested travel
information for lodging. 

you have any questions regarding the online registration, please contact the
AATK Webmaster, 

Choi (


Thank you.


Angela Lee-Smith

18th AATK program

AATK Treasurer



AATK 회원 여러분께,



18 AATK 연례학회를 위한 온라인 등록이 시작되었음을 알려드립니다.

(1) 연례학회 온라인 등록비는 정회원과 평생회원 $50.00, 대학원생과 K-12교사 $35.00이며,

     비회원일 경우에는 반드시 온라인 등록 전에 회원가입을 하셔야 됩니다.    

      [비고] 학회장에서 당일 등록 : 회원 $60.00, 비회원 $110.00, 1 참가비 $75.00  

                  등록 취소 환불 규정: 515 이전 100%, 5 15-22 50%,

522 이후 환불 불가.

                   (등록 취소와 환불에 관한 문의는 회계 Angela Lee-Smith ()

                      해주시기 바랍니다.)

  (2) 온라인 등록 지불방법은 신용카드를 통해서만 가능합니다.

  (3) 특히, 발표자들은 반드시 4 15 월요일까지 온라인 등록을 주시기 바랍니다.    

       등록기간을 지키지 않으신 분들은 발표 기회가 박탈됨을 미리 말씀드립니다.

  (4) 일반 학회 참석 회원 5 15 수요일까지 온라인 등록을 주셔야만 학회 숙박 신청의   

       혜택을 누리실 있습니다.

 (5) AATK 회원에 한해서만 한국국제교류재단의 지원금에서 일부 보조를 받은 숙박비 적용 혜택을              

      받으실 있습니다.  2인실 기준: $15.00 (1), 1인실 기준: $75.00 (1) 입니다.  

2인실의 수가 한정되어 있으므로 등록순서에 따라 배정됨을 양해해 주시고,

      가족을 동반하실 경우에는 3-4 사용 가능한 1인실을 신청하시길 권합니다. 

 (6) 끝으로, 온라인 등록 절차는 아래와 같습니다.

          1) 먼저

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