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Korean examiner needed for the International Baccalaureate

2012-07-28 11:55

International Baccalaureate (IB) is currently seeking an
experienced individual to take on the role of Examiner
Responsible for its Korean ‘B’ course.


International Baccalaureate (IB) is a non-profit educational
foundation offering challenging programmes for a world wide
community of schools. It is now represented in over 120
countries and in over 2,000 schools. The IB provides an
international pre-university curriculum and an international
university entry qualification, which gives access to higher
education on a worldwide basis. You may be interested to visit
the public website at www.ibo.org for more details.


of the characteristics of the IB's diploma programme is that
students are required to study a second language, in addition
to their ‘mother tongue’, as one of six subjects that
constitute the diploma. The IB’s language B course is a
language learning course for students aged 16-18 with some
previous experience of learning the target language. The main
focus of the B courses is on language acquisition and the
development of skills up to a fairly sophisticated degree. The
courses give students the opportunity to reach a high degree
of competence in a language and explore the target culture(s)
using the language. At the end of the two years, students are
expected to be able to use language in a range of purposes and
situations, and to discuss abstract ideas.


duties of the post of examiner responsible include the setting
and marking of examinations and may involve occasional (paid)
travel to the IB curriculum and assessment centre in Cardiff,


note that this position is part-time, involves no
relocation, and is usually undertaken in addition to
existing work commitments.
In addition, examiners
will be given clear instructions and be well supported
throughout the process.


are seeking an experienced individual with the following

Native / fluent
speakers of Korean

Qualified to at least
degree level, ideally in Korean itself

Teaching experience

Examining experience
(desirable but not essential).


IB is committed to offering the language B course in diverse
languages, and regularly provides these examinations in over
twenty different languages for its international candidature.
We would be very keen to hear from all individuals with the
above experience.


you wish to apply, or would like further information, please
contact the Examiner training and Recruitment Department by
e-mail (examrecruit@ibo.org).


you very much for reading this message and giving
consideration to it.


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