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Plea for assistance with Sup sogui Hosu staffing

2012-06-30 09:03

Dear Colleagues:

I write on very short notice to solicit staff applications for Sup sogui Hosu, the Korean Language Village for this summer's sessions.

We have recently suffered a disappointing last-minute and unanticipated loss of two staff members due to a visa rejection in Seoul and a health problem here in North America, and so are rather desperate to find at least one 11th-hour staff member (Korean teacher) for our fully accredited high school credit Korean program, which provides the equivalent of 180 hours of classroom instruction in Korean. The enrollment this year in the program is 18. (The program is accredited; teachers do _not_ need to be accredited, but need to have at least a BA and some experience teaching Korean).

The contract dates for Sup sogui Hosu this year are July 15-August 19 (5 weeks), and applicants at this late stage need to be US greencard holders or US citizens. They also need to have some experience teaching Korean to Anglophone learners, ideally (but not necessarly) at the post-secondary level.

Sup sogui Hosu, like all Concordia Language Villages, is a residential (camp) immersion language and culture program, and the position of High School Credit teacher involves not only teaching Korean, but living with ‘villagers’ 24/7 in Korean in a fun and intense summer camp environment.

The position is highly rewarding in every way except financially, but there is a stipend of approximately $1400~$1500 (pre-tax) for the 5-week session, and in this unusual case we can probably also pay transportation. Room and board is also included. Potential applicants should contact me directly at ross.king@ubc.ca. Working as a high school credit teacher in a Concordia Language Village is an excellent experience for aspiring Korean language pedagogues, and many Sup sogui Hosu staff members now teach in regular positions at post-secondary institutions across North America.

With my thanks,

Ross King

Dean, Korean Language Village, Concordia Language Villages

Ross King

Professor of Korean and Head of Department

Department of Asian Studies, University of British Columbia

Asian Centre, 1871 West Mall

Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z2

vox: 604-822-2835

fax: 604-822-8937

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