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The King Sejong Chapter (Chapter #001) at Palisades Park High School in Palisades Park, NJ.
Faculty Sponsor: Jane Cho

The Moo Goong Hwa Chapter (Chapter #002) at Ridgefield Memorial High School in Ridgefield, NJ.
Faculty sponsor: Nancy Arcuri

The Shin Saimdang Chapter (Chapter #003) at Fairfax Academy in Fairfax, VA.
Faculty sponsor: Youngju Lee

The Hun Min Jeong Eum Chapter (Chapter #004) at Francis Lewis High School in Fresh Meadows, NY.
Faculty sponsor: Jisun Kwon

The Dae Han Min Guk Chapter (Chapter #005) at Lowell High School in San Francisco, CA.
Faculty sponsor: Doyeon Kim

The Dosan Ahn Changho Chapter (Chapter #006) at Glen A. Wilson High School in Hacienda Heights, CA.
Faculty sponsor: Eilene Shin

The Kim Yushin Chapter (Chapter #007) at Oxford Academy in Cypress, CA.
Faculty sponsor: David Kim

The Admiral Yi Sun-Shin Chapter (Chapter #008) at Palos Verdes High School in Palos Verdes Estates, CA
Faculty sponsor: Esther (Yong Won) Kim

The Peninsula Korean Chapter (Chapter #009) at Palos Verdes Peninsula High School in Rolling Hills Estates, CA
Faculty sponsor: June Choi

The Hangeul Sarang Chapter (Chapter #010) at La Cañada High School in La Cañada, CA
Faculty Sponsor: Claire Yoon

The Hwa Rang Chapter (Chapter #011) at Bronx Preparatory Charter School in Bronx, NY
Faculty sponsor: Eunjung Kim

The Deep Rooted Chapter (Chapter #012) at Milpitas High School in Milpitas, CA
Faculty sponsor: Soo Park

The Hongik Chapter (Chapter #013) at John F. Kennedy High School in La Palma, CA
Faculty sponsor: Grace Lee

The Nuri Bom Chapter (Chapter #014) at Centreville High School in Clifton, VA
Faculty sponsor: Patricia Yu

The Yoo, Gwan-Sun Chapter (Chapter #015) at Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies in Tarzana, CA
Faculty sponsor: Regina Pak

BaekDu Mount Spirit Chapter (#16) at Lake Braddock Secondary School, VA
Faculty sponsor: Samuel Park

Taegeukki Chapter (#17) at Brea Olinda High School, CA
Faculty sponsor: Sera Yoon

Arirang Chapter (#18) at Northern Valley Regional High School at Old Tappan, NJ
Faculty sponsor: Myung Jin Lee

Taegeuk Chapter (#19) at Northern Valley Regional High School at Demarest, NJ
Faculty sponsor: YounJae Hur

Hoover Chapter (#20) at Herbert Hoover High School at Glendale, CA
Faculty sponsor: Jessie Lim

Ho-rang-i Chapter (#21) at Gardena High School at Gardena, CA
Faculty sponsor: Yong Won Kim

Best of the Best (짱) Chapter (#22) at Eleanor Roosevelt High School at Greenbelt, MD
Faculty sponsor: Bob Huh

From Halla to Baekdu Chapter (#23) at Granada Hills Charter High School, CA
Faculty sponsor: Heather Yoo

The Irvine (얼바인) Chapter (#24) at Irvine High School at Irvine, CA
Faculty sponsor: Jennifer Yu

Gaonsori (가온소리) Chapter (#25) at Chantilly High School at Chantilly, VA
Faculty sponsor: Eunyoung Ko

Sunny Hills Korean (서니힐스 코리안) Chapter (#26) at Sunny Hills High School at Fullerton, CA
Faculty sponsor: Esther Lee

Geon-Gon-Gam-Ri Chapter (#27) at Democracy Prep Harlem High School, NY
Faculty sponsor: SooJin Choi Kim

Jiphyeonjeon Chapter (#28) at West High School, CA
Faculty sponsor: Karyn Lee

Dasom Chapter (#29) at Westfield High School, VA
Faculty sponsor: HeeCho Kim

Handbeat Chapter (#30) at La Mirada High School, CA
Faculty sponsor: Jennifer Seo

Seoul Chapter (#31) at Dougherty Valley High School, CA
Faculty sponsor: Eunhee Joo

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