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KHS Chapter/Membership Application Process

To become a member of the AATK and the KLTA:

· Faculty sponsors of school chapters must be members of the AATK and the KLTA-USA. Join the organizations using the following link and form.
· AATK (American Association of Teachers of Korean) Membership Application (link)
· KLTA-USA (K-12 Korean Language Teachers Association USA) Membership Application (link)

To establish a KHS Chapter at your school:

Submit the KHS Chapter application online (link) along with proof of your membership in the AATK and KLTA. Once your application is approved, the KHS committee will send you a notification.

For KHS membership and merchandise:

Submit the KHS Certificate application for students online (link) along with students’ transcripts to nkhs.klta@aatk.org. You can also order KHS cords and pins online. Once your application is approved, you will be able to check the results online.
Please note that we accept applications ONLINE only.

To submit an annual report online:

Complete and submit an annual report online along with descriptions and photos of activities by May 15 under “KHS Chapter Highlights” (Click Here).

Contact KHS for more information or any questions: nkhs.klta@aatk.org

For more information regarding this website and news posting, please contact the AATK Communications Officer at aatk@aatk.org

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