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[American Cultural Exchange Service] Resident Director in Gwangju, Korea

American Cultural Exchange Service (ACES) is seeking a qualified Resident Director (RD) to work on site with a group of 15 to 20 US high school students for approximately six weeks (from the end of June to mid-August) in Gwangju, Korea through the National Security Language Initiative for Youth (NSLI-Y) program. In Korea, students will engage in language learning in both formal (language courses) and informal settings (cultural activities). The RD is required to attend a two-day pre-program training in Bellevue, WA (late May to early June), attend an in-person one-day student orientation directly prior to international travel, represent ACES for the duration of the program in Korea, and submit a final report at the end of the program.

NSLI-Y is a US State Department sponsored scholarship program funded by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. American high school students apply for merit-based scholarships to spend a summer, semester, or academic year studying less commonly taught languages in an international immersion setting. NSLI-Y encourages beginning, intermediate, and advanced language learners with a passion for learning languages, communicating across cultures, and living abroad to apply. Participants are U.S. high school students between 15 and 18 years of age, who have beginner, intermediate or advanced Korean language skills. The Resident Director will help administer the National Security Language Initiative for Youth (NSLI-Y) program.



Serve as an advisor/counselor for ACES program participants. 

Assist ACES and the host institution in proper program administration. Accompany students on program activities including volunteer projects and field trips. Be present at the language school whenever students are in classes. 

Serve as a program representative to the host institution and program participants  when necessary. 

Be available to participants at any time. When any emergencies arise, assist students as  needed. 

Enforce all ACES rules and policies. 

Communicate regularly, including submission of program reports, to the ACES National  Office. 

Report any problems regarding participants' health, academic performance, or behavior,  and provide individual students' as well as general group/program updates. 



Experience working with teenagers or high school students 

Ability to counsel and connect with teens 

Genuine understanding of American and Korean cultures 

Proficient Korean language skills – written and oral

Native fluency in English 

Bachelor's degree or higher 

U.S. citizen or permanent resident 

Study, work, or extensive travel experience in Korea 



Room & Board and round trip travel expenses from home city to Bellevue, WA for  training. 

Room & Board and round trip travel expenses from home city to pre-program  orientation location and re-entry location. 

Round trip international airfare from Washington, DC to Gwangju, Korea. 

All excursions associated with the program. 

International Health and Accident insurance for duration of the program. 

Room and board in Korea 

Transportation in Korea 

Cell phone in Korea 


SALARY: Up to $5000. Commensurate with experience. 


To apply, please email the following to 

  1. Cover Letter 
  2. Resume 

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